About Justin

I'm a designer based in the Canadian Far Noth, and I specialize in human experiences of the digital world. My work proceeds from the basic assumption that technology is best when its human. Using design I try to push that thesis in one of two directions:

  1. Technology: a seamless aide for your every whim that works exactly the way you expect without getting in your way or making you think too hard

  2. Technology: an instrument of cosmic awe and perception melting empowerment

To accomplish this, I use great communication, visual design, research-driven insight, and evocative deliverables to bridge the strategy, project planning, design, and development of digital products and services.
Iā€™m especially good at making the connection between a vague concept or high-level strategy and the nitty gritty design decisions that add up into a product in the hands of mushy, irrational humans out in the world.

Have a look at my case studies to get a better sense of how I work.

Some of my past clients include:

  • Ushahidi

  • Scotiabank

  • MasterCard

  • RBC Royal Bank

  • General Motors Canada

  • Freedom Mobile (formerly WIND Mobile)

  • Chevrolet

  • MSN

  • UEFA

  • theScore Mobile

I'm always looking for new collaborations, projects, and side hustles. If you've got a neat idea, reach out through the digital ether and let me know about it.